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Baked reflection different to editor

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Anyone know how to get a baked reflection to work properly? In the two images you can see the difference between the two. The baked version basically becomes a hugely high contrast version which is unusable for me in my current project. 

I've basically;

- put a material with reflection only on the plane object

- baked out that reflection from a camera position

- imported the baked object to put in the luminance channel. 


Any ideas?  (scene files uses the Hot4D plugin btw)

Baked Reflection.jpg

Editor Reflection.jpg

Reflection Bake Issue.c4d

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I am missing two png image - can you save the project with assets please? :)

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I think the missing png might only be the baked result. The only reflection in the scene I can see is coming from physical luminant geo, so I don't think we need additional files to check this.

I did check it, and got the same result as OP (regardless of any bake settings), but nothing I tried improved it, and this is not my field of expertise so was hesitant to advise... in fact I should honestly say that every time I have worked with multipass I have struggled to get that to match the single pass result.


I did notice the file was using legacy Reflection rather than Reflectance to generate this, but I tried both, and same result...

Also wondered why we were trying to bake reflections to Unity - surely we'd want to use the Unity engine's own refs and lighting (and materials) wouldn't we ?



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    Yeah, the two png images were the baked textures so not needed. Thanks for having a look though Hrvoje


    Thanks also for checking the file Cerbera.

    Ah well, I guess it's a limitation then... 

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