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Eric Brown

Polygon Shader Problem

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  • Hey man, so I am now trying to model the rest of the heart camera (the one on the top from the picture below) I just boundary loop selected the end of the tip and extruded all the way down for the rod, I tried using parametric modeling for the rest but as you can see I'm running into some weird shape issues when I use the loft, I also tried to keep extruding from the rod but ran into some weird problems whenever I tried to change the degree of the extrude too many times, I'm guessing I should just make a new cube object, create 2 circles on either end and extrude out from there, followed by rounding the edges off of the square with a bevel?  Or maybe I could use a boole I guess?

    Screenshot (12).png


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    You're making life unnecessarily hard for yourself there. Always build things in the same parts as they are in the real world, and if those reference pics are anything to go by the cubic connector sections can be different objects to the surrounding pipework in all 3 directions. I would build each of the little parts separately, out of regular polygon objects, no need for booles, lofts or anything else...


    For that cubic bit in the middle I'd proceed like so...





    1. Get a cube, and using Line Cut, make diagonal cuts between points on all 3 faces that you want to be circular.

    2. Then select the centre vertices of those 3 sides, and bevel them  (chamfer, 0 subdivisions) to get circle outlines as shown.

    3. Line Cut again, and cut the centers into quads. Now select the polys that comprise the circles on all 3 faces, and Normal Move them out a bit.

    You can inner extrude them a little as well to get some control loops for later.

    You can then repeat steps 2/3 as needed to get the elongated oval bits on the other 2 sides like I have there.

    4. Now Edge Mode and select the perimeter borders of the cube (just them). Bevel those with 1 segment in solid mode.

    5. Place Under SDS.



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  • Hey man so i did what you said and then used the slide and normal move method to create a shape more similar to the product, I'm still trying to get the details down, is there any other non-destructive way I can move points, edges or polys besides using "Slide or Normal Move".

    Screenshot (14).png

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