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Seamlessly looping idle animations

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Hi there, 


I'm wondering if anyone knows a good technique for creating seamlessly looping character animations. I have a creature set up with expressions controlling random movements to create some different idle animations, and ideally i'l like to bake the length of the animation plus 60 frames, then copy the 60 frames from the end to the beginning and fade their influence from 100% to 0% over those 60 frames so that I can create seamless motion. 


Right now my technique is copying the last keyframes to the first frame and trying to blend between those and the start of the animation which never looks natural, so hoping there is something maybe involving motion clips I can do? 


Many thanks, 


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Could you  just key-frame the whole animation every X number of frames, then delete /disable the expressions... Effectively converting your expressions to key-frames, and then copy and past the key-frames. Provided you star and end key-frames are the same they will loop seamlessly.


Hope this helps.

Regards Bishka.

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Yeah thats what I am already doing. I mean loop seamlessly as in natural flowing motion rather than just no pops. I can easily have the start and end keyframes be the same but this doesnt look right as the creature returns to a specific pose everytime it loops. Do you know a way to fade out the influence of baked keyframes over time? Something like a pose morph than can fade the strength of keyframes. 


I suppose maybe if I had a duplicate of the skeleton shifted back I could keyframe the strength of PSR constraints but this seems like a lot of work, do you know if motion clips can do this? 


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Motion clip cross fading....


(Create a motion clip of the whole animation, duplicate it and cross fade end to beginning then multiply the sequence x number of times)


Second technique is via animation layer fading of specified controllers



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