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Pamela Gray

Lava Lamp - Transparency Question

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Hi guys,


I'm a motion designer and working on a short studio promo animation for my work based around the idea of a glass head lava lamp.

I'm really new to C4D and struggling with the materials and lighting - when i preview it in the Render View the metaball 'lava' and glass look how I want it but when I export it as an image sequence to the picture viewer it looks all distorted and refracted (as glass would normally do) and the animation of the metaball is really clunky behind the glass.


Would I be better rendering the lava and glass head object separately and comping them in AE?

It's taking forever to render as well so I'm not sure if I'm missing a trick somewhere.





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The Metaball has a "Editor Subdivision" and a "Render Subdivision".

If you want the same result for both the viewport and the renderview you'll need to give those two things the same value.


The rendertimes are just coming from the fact that you are rendering a specular material. Glass and stuff always render very, very slow. There's not much you can do about that.

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