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Maintaining scale across UV maps

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Hi Cafe


I have a job where I have to unwrap some legs of a monster type beast for printing and create the generic texture.


I have to unwrap each leg separately and then UV Map each one and apply the same texture. No problem with that but how can make each map the correct scale to each other. The only way I can think of would be to put add a cube or something to the geometry of each one and then scale each map so that the cubes match.


Hope Im making sense I don't do UV mapping of weird shapes very often. Im retopoing the legs so have a decent mesh to work with.


As usual all tips, tricks and advice gratefully received



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Assuming all the legs are roughly the same size, just scale the unwrapped uv polys to the same size. If the legs are different sizes, it will be trickier, but the idea would be to scale the uv polys to the same ratio to one another. If you unwrap each one before relaxing, rotating, and scaling, then they should be roughly proportionate to each other. Then just arrange them to fit into the uv space as you want and scale all at the same time to maximize the space being used while keeping them proportionate.

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  • Cheers Vizn


    That problem went away in the end as the client changed direction. My big issue with it was having a separate texture for each leg as the files were real world print size and I couldn't have made a single map big enough to hold them all. Had I gone ahead I was thinking about projection painting some marks on each leg for say 100cm, which would have allowed me to just render out a slab of texture and then measure it up in pshop. Or on a similar note to test run it with a chequer shader over my main texture.

    It was a weird one, as rather than putting texture on model I was rendering a big flat slab of texture and then re applying that to the model for visuals, originally texture wasn't required to be on model but only printed, and finally just a big 4m slab of texture was what was supplied.


    Im still a bit confused over the need for everything to be square and need to look into the BP interface a bit more, if I have a pack sleeve or something at say 40*20cm and i bring that in as a texture, I end up with my UVs jumping from square to stretched etc, but using a square just adds lots of wasted space.


    Another thing on the study list.



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