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Create Clones at Null Positions

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Hi Guys,

I've been coming up against the following scenario a few times now so I thought it might be time to ask. I have to bring in a scene from Softimage to C4d and unfortunately there are a lot of instanced objects in the scene. Fences in this case. All the null positions and rotations for the instances come in just fine, I just need to, I would imagine, use the cloner to clone the fence geo onto those nulls. I can do this to some degree by useing a trace on the nulls + cloner. However, the rotations do not come across as the clones are trying to align to the traced path which is no good. The fence posts are all aligned in a specific direction (hand placed by the hundreds in soft!) so I need their position and rotation from the nulls. I can convert these instances back to geo in soft with a script and export if need be but I would rather keep it light in c4d with the cloner as there are hundreds and its very handy that way.

I've just included a simple scene to illustrate the idea. In this case I would like the clones to align with the nulls if possible. 
Thanks in advance!



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I had 2 missions in mind when trying this:


1. Can we do it at all ?

2. Can we make that process faster and more streamlined to the point where it is practical for hundreds of objects ?


Currently I have passed stage 1, but it's quite a long way round, and has 1 step that is unpractical for hundreds of objects. But it does work at least...




For that much, nothing clever is going on - just made pyramid editable, so I could move its axis to Y0, then made cloner editable, (here's the rubbish bit), manually moved each clone to under a null, and Reset PSR on all of them together for the result above. So I am still looking for a way to automate that process, without resorting to scripting or Xpresso, which might be the way forward, but if so there are much better people here than me who should be telling you about that...


So just posting that half-answer for now in case anyone can instantly see how to take it further...



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Genius - I'd never have thought of that :)



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