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Spaghetti texture

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5 minutes ago, doldidoldi said:

Just one last question do I need Fresnel in reflections?

Fresnel effects the angle in which you see reflections off a surface.  The conductor type is for metals, hence your see a list of presets. Dielectric is for everything else.  For spaghetti, not sure your have a use for it, but its worth noting that if your lacking reflection on a surface at the angle your shot is you can use this to help.  The higher the IOR the more towards the centre of the object the reflection shows, the lower more towards the outside.

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Not sure if you've solved the modeling problem yet, but this might be useful:


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1 hour ago, doldidoldi said:

. I am actually using R20 not sure were to change this info

Change it by editing your profile, done from the top right of the homepage (then the edit profile button in the banner of your profile page). This post has been a good example of why that is important.



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