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Slowing Down Cached TFD/X-Particles?


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Hi everyone. I have two questions:


1. In X-Particles (XP), can I slow down a cached version of a particle simulation? 

2. In TurbulanceFD (TFD), can I slow down a cached version of a particle simulation?


Here's a video version of my question with context: 


I have a mechanical animation that currently works perfectly with the XP and TFD simulations in place, but I need to slow down the mechanical animation by approximately 100x, but I really would like to not have to rebuild the XP and TFD simulations from the ground up because it was so difficult to get them to where they are now I'm afraid I forgot how I did it. If anyone can help with ether the TFD/XP side, is willing to reply here on this thread, Discord, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc., I would really appreciate it. If you charge by the hour DM me your price and I'll see if I can make that work. I will make a short recap-video explaining the solution when we're done so others can learn from it. Thanks. 

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Thanks Cerbera. Yeah it took about 16 takes but I figured you can only properly ask your initial question once, and poorly framed questions often lead to messy and confusing threads that don't address the core issue.


Checking back every few hours with immense interest. Looking forward to any potential replies!

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On 6/23/2019 at 8:14 AM, bentraje said:

RE: 1. In X-Particles (XP), can I slow down a cached version of a particle simulation? 

Not sure on this one but how about the Scale parameter of the the Cache tag.?


It looks like you indeed can slow down a cached X-Particles Cache tag with the scale parameter, but unfortunately since cache is 30fps, reducing the speed of a 30fps cache by 66% simply makes it a 10fps laggy animation. I had poked around in the Cache tag hoping I could generate a new cache at a higher FPS using the original animation at full speed and then simply slow that down but it doesn't appear that's an option sadly. 

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In xp Exposia FX there is "sim speed" http://docs.x-particles.net/html/efxsimulation.php   

However, this setting mess up with lots of other parameters like smoke diffusion etc they have to scaled again to achieve the same look, which really sucks.

For other effects like xpFluid, there isn't even a way I know to achieve slow motion effect!  The xpFluid is something I really have to use in my project, but the particles all move too fast and becomes jagged simulation if re timed.  

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I got a partial solution for you:  https://community.insydium.online/index.php?/topic/80-retime-cached-particle-simulation-solved/

BUT....  when I tried this, my particles were moving so fast each frame, what I got from the "interpolation" which turned out to be simple "linear interpolation" making each particle move in straight line from one frame to another which is just funny haha.

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