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Decrease render time for Glass Object

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I was wondering how to decrease the render time of my scene. Especially the glass. I'm sorry , can't show the entire image.


Render time per frame: +- 26 minutes

1920 x 1080 resolution


The scene consists of:

- 6 lights (3 gsg softboxes, 1 point light, 1 infinite light, 1 area light)

- 1 main object with glass materials which animates into several boxes (see screencaps)

- MoTexts inside the glass object

- Studio backdrop


Extruded Object + Motext have a fillet of 2 caps over 0,4 radius


I've uploaded my render settings that I've tweaked.


I've read about dropping the specular?

Are there any other tips?


Thanks in advance



render settings.png

tex end.png

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26 mins is pretty reasonable for a GI scene that size that is full of glass ! Not sure you can get it much faster than that without losing quality.

But do you need so many area lights in the scene ? And do you actually need to use GI ? If so could you explain why ?



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  • With GI on I get more subtle reflections in the edges and between the gaps.


    I use one area light to lit the backdrop. One infinite light to get a distinct green shadow on the floor in front of the object. One point light to create variation in the reflections / specular and create some 'depth feeling' in the glass object since no background elements may be used.

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    AA try decreasing to max level 4x4 or 8x8.

    Reflection depth... you should get away with 2-3.

    Decreasing ray depth also speedps up rendering.

    I understand this will be an animation? If so,you can choose GI mode that it better suited for  animation. Your chosen mode QMC +LM is quite slow in your case.


    my 2 cents.

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