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Controlling a car crash animation?

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I want a car to fly in the air after something is hitting it....but I want to fly in a certain way, in the sense that I don't want to fly too much into the air and I want to do one flip at low altitude and that's it.

Now I am using body dynamics (see the C4D file https://www.dropbox.com/s/sfxlgn6mg0im16y/car-crash.c4d?dl=0 ) to have a more realistic animation (I am not animating by hand). I also use Collision Deformer to have the body of the car deformed at impact.

Every time I run the simulation it seems the car is crashing in a different way, sometimes flying too much into the air, sometime not at all.

I toyed with Bounce/Friction in Dynamics Collision, Linear Damping, Angular Damping in Force, Trigger Velocity Threshold in Dynamics...but nothing seem to work properly...I am out of ideas.


See also the example video of what I want (I did an animation by hand but I am not too good at it and it looks very fake - but the movement of the car, one flip through the air at that height,  is what I want).

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  • On 6/28/2019 at 2:39 PM, jed said:

    Custom initial velocity might be a better way to flip the car.



    Now I have another issue....it works great if there is no other Dynamics associated with it.

    I have the following situation...I have those windows separated  from the car and applied a Voronoi Fracture on them. I want them smashed. Now the problem I see is that the Dynamics from the windows are interacting with the one from the car...and now the flipping doesn't happen as I wanted. Everytime I run the simulation the flipping is different. No control over it. Because probably the fragments from the windows are interacting with the body of the car in different ways every time.

    How do I stop the windows interacting with the body of the car? If I switch of the dynamics of the windows right after smashing the fragments disappear. 



    The solution seem to be baking the dynamics for the car with the voronoi fracture for the windows deactivated. Then reactivate the fracture.

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