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Rate the odds of UV edit update in R21

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So I see Rizom is having a sale. And I really dont get on with Cinema's UV tools. I feel they are overdue an update... which means if I drop £130 on Rizom now and then MAXON unveil a glossy amazing set of UV tools I will kick myself for pulling the trigger too early.


So what do you reckon the chances are of seeing an amazing set of unwrappers presented in R21?

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Here's a theory: Rizom has inside information MAXON will reveal a killer UV suite included with R21. So they drop their prize now to get you spending your Money on their product. You buy Rizom anyway.  Result: kicking self.


Or ... alternative theory: MAXON will leave the UV sadness for what it is in R21 (like in many past updates) but you do not take up the Rizom offer. Result: kicking self.


On the other hand it's great to have good tools and people tend to overestimate a negative outcome and underestimate a positive one. I have Modo for UV but I think Rizom is a good deal. Go for it.



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14 hours ago, Freemorpheme said:

So what do you reckon the chances are ...

I was in this same situation a few years ago.

I had spent some time developing scripts and tools related to UV unwrapping, for a personal project. It was around April - May when I figured I could start developing a nice suite of tools, but I was almost certain these would become obsolete the moment MAXON released their upcoming new version (I think it was R17 at that time).

Instead of spending the necessary time to implement said tools, I decided to wait and see ... literally wasting about 4-5 months.

With the release not providing the needed UV tools I finally kicked in and started working on my own tools.

Since then I have been adding feature after feature to my Seamilar plugin, as well as having introduced a less extended version as EasyUV. (Threads discussing the plugins can be found on this forum).

While I know that every new Cinema 4D release can potentially make these plugins obsolete, I am still adding features as we speak.


Coming back to your original question. Should you buy Rizom or wait?

Since I don't have any inside information I wouldn't know. And while I do have quite some happy Seamilar and EasyUV customers, I know I cannot compete with the tools available in RizomUV. As such I would say: go for it, just pull the trigger on RizomUV ... unless you have an extremely high "buyer's remorse potential".


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Anyhow, if you are UV unpacking almost every day like in-game assets. RizomUV has good features to accommodate that. Even better than Maya and 3DS Max built-in UV tools. So it will be worthwhile. 

Otherwise, try  Seamilar, if you want to stay within C4D. Haven't used it but heard good things.
For myself, I just use Blender and just round trip to C4D. 

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10 hours ago, Freemorpheme said:

Has any more been heard about this:



Did this turn into the OpenGL improvement in R19?

I remember that open beta. It was odd and disappeared pretty quickly. I suspect that MAXON delayed working on that because they knew they needed to get changes to the core finished first. My hunch anyway.

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