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babis tsourlis

I need a boost (non-technical question)

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Excellent topic.  CGI is such a massively deep topic that it can be discouraging.  Fortunately, you have picked C4D because at least you won't be fighting the software as much as you would with other packages as you try to grow your skills.   C4D is the easiest to learn, has an internal logical consistency in its UI, and (most important) is more stable than most where everything just works as expected.  Believe it or not, all of that makes a huge difference to me because it means that I am limited by my own skill/knowledge more so than by the software.  


But, just because C4D is the easiest software to use does not mean that mastering CGI is easy.  It takes work, time and commitment.  I have been with C4D for 10 years now and there are times when I oscillate from absolute discouragement to unbridled joy.  And those swings happen with each render!  


It was encouraging to hear that even the greats, like Cerbera, get discouraged.  I originally felt Cerbera's statement that he still does not know "everything" about modeling was nothing more than humility --- I mean the guy is a master after all (his meshes alone are beautiful to see un-rendered!) --- but then I remembered that there are over 20 modeling styles (according to a YouTube video), so maybe he has a valid point.  Yes, the field is that vast.


So it sounds like you are a hobbyist and are struggling with how to "swallow the elephant" that is 3D without any formal training.  


Well, as mentioned by others, focus on what interests you!   If you are motivated by motion graphics than start with MoGraph!  If you love abstract art, then definitely experiment with form, composition, color and lighting until you find a style that "feeds your soul" after you hit the render button.  Don't think you need to start with a great model, then move to texturing, lighting, etc.  Play around with primitives!  Move lights around! Play with shadows and shapes.  Experiment with simple stuff.  For example this abstraction started with a cube and a few MoGraph modifiers.  But what I like most about it was what I did with the lighting and shadows (I can't recall even if I used any textures).




A 20 minute experiment that gave me motivation to keep going.   Beeple would be proud!


Personally, what "feeds my soul" is creating environments.  Now an environment is more than the model because as important as the model when creating realistic environments is the lighting and texturing.   In fact, I find that I enjoy the lighting more so than the modeling.  Therefore to get to what "feeds my soul" the fastest, I will sometimes skip modeling all together and purchase a  model.  I really love the environment work done by Stefan Morrel (Stonemason) and his models are pretty cheap from the DAZ site.  So I purchase them and convert them to C4D.  They come in partially un-textured and completely un-lit so that is where I start and I just love the process at that point.  As a hobbyist, it feeds my soul.    


In short:  It is okay to take short cuts to get to what you love if that is what you need to keep you interested, motivated and committed to this hobby.  In time, as you have these little "wins" in a key area of interest, you will then feel the desire to expand into other areas.   Over time, you won't feel so intimidated by 3D and therefore be more adventurous in what you select next to master.   I know this is a bit unstructured, but as a hobbyist you need to stay encouraged if you wish to progress your skills without the benefit of formal training (which will provide structure).


For me, CGI is a great hobby that will take a lifetime to master.  Fortunately, I have a lifetime ahead of me.  It will be a great journey!






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  • So guys, thank you all for all your inspirational words. I 'll keep everything you said and i will be more active here . So as a beginner prepare to face many of my problems... 

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