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Any one know how to achieve these effects with glass. this style of multi colour refraction with a glass like material? Been trying to figure it out for a while, if anyone could point me towards a tutorial or material I would be very appreciative.


I don't have access to any rendering engines. 


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@Vertex Helix I don't think thats true dispersion though, right? To me it looks like the effect in the picture above is dispersion inside the glass, actually splitting wavelengths, and not the soapy effect you can create with the thin film shader.


Assuming I am correct, you cannot create this effect with the standard C4D renderer. At least not with the standard material. It might be possible with the nodesystem somehow, but I don't know it well enough. However, every truly spectral renderengine should be able to produce this effect. I've used V-Ray and Octane and they both were able to achieve this, although V-Ray was very, very slow when doing so.

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Not sure to be honest @DasFrodo! Let me look it up.

Ok, so:

The oily/soapy effect we get to see in nature is light beams splitting to their spectrum as well , it's just that in the case of an oil bubble: "the wavelength corresponding to the constructive interference differs among the beams due to the oil surface curvature and this causes the reflected light to have various colours".



I suppose what it means is that the rainbow effect in this case in not due to one beam splitting to full spectrum through a prism, but it's the collective of a number of beams splitting to a different wavelength and thus giving different colors, while forced to disperse through different angles !


Looking at the effect in the displayed poster above, I think is not something we would naturally get too see either though. It was crafted by the designer for enhanced impressions (and beautifully so) and could be crafted with a particular render engine in mind, or perhaps it was even crafted in post (and fairly easily too I suspect)


Let's wait for @nandthepand to see where he gets with it.


ps. It's too late in Athens for optics! I think I need a beer




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