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Dynamics headscratcher

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Hi all,


I'm fairly new to C4D so please bear with me!


I've got this scene, where I'm showing a multi-storey building, and how the pillars punched through the roof concrete, eventually making the roof fall down, and then in a domino effect the floors below collapse under the impact. It's not going for full realism or anything, just a simple school classroom demo standard.


However, I've fiddled around with it for days now and can't get it anything other than a mess, and can't work out why! The pillars jump around wildly (I haven't connected them to anything but figured it'd be good enough if the whole structure was just stacked up using gravity... oh and bounce is off, friction is high) and the floors explode in all directions. Also the playthrough looks quite different every time I play it, is that normal with dynamics, even with the collision noise down to 0%? Sometimes it looks just aobut okay but I'm worried when I render I'll get one of the bad takes, and I render with Sketch and Toon so it takes a long time!


I'm using voronoi fracture for the floors, and manually cut the holes in the top floor that the pillars supposedly made. I made some changes to the project dynamics settings as well as the individual tags, but nothing seems to get much better than in the files attached!


So... anyone fancy a little look at the project and suggest what I should do to fix? 


Thanks in advance, 







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This might help you get a bit closer. Yes, the dynamics will be different every time, until you bake them.


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I would start by changing all the tags to moving mesh instead of mo dynamics, you could do the pillars with a cloner too tho not necessary.


Your pillars may well fly about because at the moment they are solid and getting catapulted around as the would in real world if unbreakable. So maybe some sort of fracture option there too, possibly with some sort of impact / collision threshold.


Also no intersection of geometry before going dynamic as it doesn't like that.




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