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How to merge multiple polygons as one?

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Just now, Cerbera said:

Oh yes, yours is a winner too of course :) But if we're really going to get picky and make truly circular form ends, as I think OP's first pic shows, then we do get amore controlled result with more of the circle form concentrated in the right places if we use a few more polys and define that curvature in the base form. This is being very picky :)



Thats not being picky. your right. always worth the extra little bit of effort to get it bang on, good controlled method you have shown.



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You need more subdivisions!  Up the "Subdivision Editor" and "Subdivision Renderer" to a higher number.  Just go one at a time, since you are quadrupling the number of polygons with each increment.

Also, please just upload your project next time- it is by far the best way to get help here.

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I hate to pour oil on what you might think are newly calm waters, but you haven't really matched the roundness of the ends to the reference - yours is still much more bulgey and sloppy than the one in the first photo, which has really quite tight cylindrical ends that don't bulge at all either down the length or down the height of the box as they do on your current model. Were you to send this to the manufacturer I have no doubt they would return it telling you it wasn't accurate enough.


Don't wanna sound like a stuck record, but I have shown you how to make this properly in a way that will more exactly match the reference...



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Thanks Nate! Hey Cerbera I know that, this actually is not going to anyone, but I just want to use that case as a reference. I've been only using the program for two weeks and am a big big big noob using it, even thought I'm actually a pro at pretty much in every adobe's program. I'm gonna try your way soon but it looked hard so gonna do it as a separate project soon, I don't know how to make those edges straighter in this project and I know they are bulky atm. :newhere:

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1 hour ago, Tero Kotsalainen said:

I've been only using the program for two weeks and am a big big big noob using it

How comes you're on r18 039, you should be on sp3  build 057?  Best keep it up to date along with the forum profile.



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