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Tero Kotsalainen

How to merge multiple polygons as one?

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On 7/9/2019 at 6:53 AM, Cerbera said:

I'd like to propose a different solution to the first problem, which I think you almost started in the right direction ! :) Although we can get a fair approximation if we base these things on a cube, the ends of the reference object are very 'deliberately round' in a quite defined sort of way, so there is a strong argument for starting with circular forms there, as you tried initially, but what you actually need is 2 semi-circles rather than 2 discs, and they don't need that much resolution if we use SDS to attain our smoothness and higher poly result.




So here the steps are:


1. Disc Primitive 16 segments, with inner radius so we only get the rim and no horrible triangles.

2. Editable, select right half, Disconnect and move over.

3. Edge mode, bridge the long edges

4. Bridge across the longest edges, then Close Poly Hole to fill the gaps.

5. Line Cut, and cut this into quads (random 1 of many different ways shown)

6. Outline Select to grab perimeter edges, then Ctrl-drag down a couple of times to create sides. I then added 2 loops (Loop Cut) inside the ends, to better isolate the rounded parts from the straight section. 

7. Outline Select top perimeter again, then Chamfer with 3-5 segments (bevel tool) to get the extra-defined rounding there.

8. SDS (Subdivision Surface Object), at which point you can go onto mirror down to the lower shell, then add thickness to both.


At any point after Step 4 above, you could have elected to use symmetry as well, which would nearly halved the amount of polys you had to cut, although we should also note it would have made your cuts more inaccurate as you'd lose the ability to cut from point to point on X, which is arguably the most important direction we need to cut, so swings and roundabouts, hey ? :)



If the above looks too hard, look into some basic "box modeling" tutorials.  @Cerbera gave you a pretty great tutorial here, but obviously if none of the tools are familiar I can see how it would seem too difficult.  Unfortunately, modeling the "easy" way usually just leads to more headaches and frustration later on.

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