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Talal Elhajj

Car Rigging and Camera with Xpresso plz?

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Hi C4D Friends

It's the first time post here, and I hope to find help.


I have an animation idea in C4D. it's talk about traffic safety. So I need to apply car rigging techniques and cameras movement in C4D, add to make 2d infographics in After Effects.


But I need to remake it with advanced animation and rigging techniques and more realistic.

So, I started to build car rigging with Xpresso, with applying these tutorials: 




So, there some face difficulty in syncing animation between cars and cameras, and I asked if there some tips and guidance or video tutorials for that? And is the exporting project from C4D with Xpresso to After effects possible?


Thank you,

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Welcome to the Cafe :)


First step is to post in the right place, which isn't New Users / Beginners even if you are that ! We do have a special section just for Xpresso rigs for example, which is where I will move this thread now for you. 



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Ha Ha my old videos have come back to haunt me. I made these vids years ago, and later removed them from Vimeo with the intention of making better ones - but never got round to it. So they are on YouTube without my permission (or knowledge).


So fire away - what's the question ?


I had a few methods for camera sync - in this video using XPresso I take the average position of the cars and use a memory node to place the camera about 1 second behind. The camera targets the average center.



victim of piracy - fame at last ::):

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  • Just I ask How I can Add 2D Infographics (Arrows and Highlights) in after effects on the 3D project like this one 


    Is It need to make Cinema 4D tags like compositing? 

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