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Volumes, alembics and memory

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I have an alembic file that was made using volumes in r20.  When I tried to render out the alembic file in r19, I was getting an "out of memory" error a few frames into the process.   The alembic file renders without issue in r20. 


The original alembic file is 582,705kb.  I'm not sure if this would be considered large for an alembic file.  I made a smaller (shorter timeline) version of the alembic (around 100,000kb) which rendered once without issue and a second time I was given the same "out of memory" error.  It seems like I will have to chop down the original file into a several smaller files in order to get this to render out in r19.


I'm wondering why r19 is having issues.  It is my understanding that alembics mostly store the basic vertex data and don't rely on specific procedural tools... Why r20 is so much better at managing the file?


I would really like to know how to asses how much memory used in my render without blindly guessing, but I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what is going on.   Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  :smiley-gen053:

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Volumes where introduced in R20, so it may be a backwards compatibility issue, even though it's an alembic file, R19 may not be able to import the data correctly.

Just a guess, someone may have a better suggestion.

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Hi TreeW,


I assume you exported the meshed volume to an alembic (so a polygon mesh), so backwards compatibility based on volumes not being in R19 should not be an issue. The alembic version might be newer in R20 and causes problems in R19. Is your memory really filled up or does he just claim you are out of memory ?




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