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Spencer Fanuka

Identifying which material to use

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Hey yall,


So for you experts out there, I was wondering how you started to learn which material to use in what situation. I understand what each material does and stuff, but I am having a bit of a hard time applying it to my work. Is there a website or something where I could type in the object and it would tell me what material it is (longshot but that'd be dope lol).



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The first place I start is the lighting.  surfaces look so different under certain lighting conditions which I why I get the lighting down.  Once I learnt even the basics of making materials I started to look at the world around me differently, what makes up a surface?  Glass is transparent, reflective, yet thicker glass has refraction, at times your see absorption, a light green tint.  The angle a which the reflection can b seen would be the Fresnel.   This is an example of how I go about materials, I take a good look at what a surface is made up of and break it down.  As far as a site, not sure, Iv always gone by what is the surface is Im trying to make, then google that surface.   It's a good idea to look at the content library, look at the materials used then right click on the settings and click on help.  Once you learn it once, very little changes, just some terms may differ.


when it comes to really nailing the material your need good lighting, and some kind of environment, more so for reflective surfaces.  HDR lighting is a good start.



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