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Matt Reed

Fleshy, Shiny Matter?

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yo whats up - trying to learn my trade and wondering what techniques / processes one should go through to get textures such as these [hard to describe but gooey/fleshy/shiny yet solid matter]






this is particularly sweet https://www.instagram.com/p/BxPCvVuF0GS/ and probably the best example of what i'm after - 


any suggestions for material alterations/creations/use or perhaps a particular choice of render engine? 

perhaps what processes you would think might provide these aesthetics - any help would be massive


Thanks in advance!


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Any render engine can do this sort of material. There is no need to resort to external renderers, although they would do it faster if using GPU acceleration of course...


The principal things to look at are Sub-surface Scattering (in Luminance channel) to get the 'fleshly glow' and Reflectance to make it look shiny and wet. Otherwise all you should need is a regular colour channel.. The weird organic grooves and vein-type things you can do either by modelling them in (sculpting good for this particularly), or with something like a Sema or Ober noise in Bump, Normal or Displacement channels.



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Just wanted to add that the light setup helps a lot for the effect with some backlight included. The physical renderer does a good job for SSS-type materials, although it is not that fast. 

I made these "spheroid" objects with the built-in render engine https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-model-larger-cluster-cells-1400954


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