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How can I rotate a displacement map?

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I have a bitmap height map created in TerraRay for a beach scene that's plugged into a Displacer. The problem is that the texture is rotated in the wrong direction and I can't figure out how to rotate it the proper way. Is there a way to rotate this texture?





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2 hours ago, Hrvoje said:

Load bitmap in layer shader and add effects /  transform :)

Thanks for responding!


The bitmap is plugged into the Displacer Modifier, so it doesn't have the same options as a regular material. I actually don't need a visible material on this, just an object for the water to go around / up against. It will be alpha channeled out. I'm probably am not fully understanding exactly what you mean though. 


Basic files are attached if they help. 




Beach Displacer.c4d

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It doesn't matter where the texture is - put the texture inside a layer shader, and than inside the layer shader put transform above it and than you can scale\rotate your texture as you wish


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