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Yep, not much in the way of 'Big and flashy' this time round, but some solid improvements that will find genuine practical everyday use. Those of you that know me will know my main thing is the modellings, so I will deal with those bits first...


What some have dismissed as merely 'New Bevels' is actually so much more than that. Now EVERY spline-input Generator produces decent sub-dividable caps with no additional effort - that is a massive improvement to so many tools, and makes working with text and extrudes especially so much better than before. And in case you missed it, now bevels don't break UVs, so that's a lot of time saved. Delaunay Caps is far better than Regular Grid could ever achieve, and now means we can deform spline-based stuff without re-topologizing or putting up with rubbish edges !


Copy and paste polygons is another modelling biggie we have been wanting for some time, and now we have it.

At least another 10 existing modelling tools have been rejigged and converted to new core functionality, and most of their actions no longer break UVs as they have done in previous versions. 


In the Volume Builder I am very pleased with the cache function which will help a great deal in the practical use of that, and I like the new spline functionality therein where we can control the thickness along its length.


And the redesigned UI, which is a ground-up overhaul of the look of the app, and for me least is really nice, and makes Cinema an even more attractive and sensibly ordered working environment. For me it has finally beaten Modo in that respect., and has always been nicer looking than all the others !.


That Render DeNoiser is going to be very helpful as well.

I don't feel I can really criticize the licencing all the time a perpetual version remains available and up-gradable, but time will tell how long that remains the case, so I will have to take the long view on that...




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Hi All,   This is my first time at Siggraph in a long time!  Last year I had just started at MAXON and it was too late to attend.  I am extremely excited to be going back to Siggraph and wit

First time post on a forum but felt the need to. Happy user since R10 Studio with investment in most plug-ins for the software. (Over $20,000 NZ Dollars spent in that time.) Just a hobbyist with no in

I've been a MAXON / C4D customer for 19 years  -  and I couldn't agree more.   It seems MAXON are now quite willing to penalise those with Studio MSA  - who are much more likely to be locked

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8 minutes ago, Cerbera said:

I don't feel I can really criticize the licencing all the time a perpetual version remains available and up-gradable, but time will tell how long that remains the case, so I will have to take the long view on that...





Presumably... if they are keeping perpetual... they will have to keep it forever?  

If they deny an upgrade in the future.  It kills the value of the software instantly.   

Adobe at least did kill CS suite outright and kept it updated for a number of years.... this is different... They will HAVE to maintain an upgrade path.  Still doesn't stop me being really annoyed about it as they Specifically told me in may there won't be subscriptions and I bought it ( see previous annoyed post ) 


I'll be speaking with them the Morning. 

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To be honest quite a disapointment features wise but the new  cheaper licencing solutions with only one version is a wise move, that only is  a big shift from MAXON stand point.

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11 minutes ago, Cerbera said:

I don't feel I can really criticize the licencing all the time a perpetual version remains available and up-gradable, but time will tell how long that remains the case, so I will have to take the long view on that...



A software that needs to be activated every 14 days is not perpetual to me. I depend on MAXON's activation service in order to start the software.


About the upgrades, the strategy of 'subscription  companies' has been to increase prices for upgrades in order to push the users to subscription. And MAXON has already mentioned that 1) not all updates will be available for perpetual users and 2) Releases older than 3 years are not available for download and will not be supported anymore, so they can also remove activation of older releases as AD did.


My workstations are usually not online because they run other stuff like virtual machines with exposed micro services and for other reasons (Windows Updates at times I don't want etc.). Certainly I don't want them online just to start an application.


Sad day for me but in the end it's saving me money in the future.

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34 minutes ago, prowl said:


So... I bought C4D Studio in May.   With the Yearly MSA. 

I could have got the new Subscription in a month for just above the current Yearly MSA cost ! 

Perpetual is now a lot cheaper than I bought it for so resale has plummeted ( but who the hell will buy it now anyway?) 

We don't know what is happening with MSA moving forward -  Current Perpetual doesn't have cineversity?!? 

We Don't know how much future perpetual upgrades will cost. 

Personally I want my money back ( minus say 3 months subscription price ) and then to move onto Subs.  

I feel I have been lied to and screwed out of 3K when I specifically asked my UK Sales guy and even the German MAXON if it's likely to go subscription as £3K+ is a massive hit for me ( Especially as the job fell thought I bought it for ) and a subs model would be a lot more affordable and easy to manage ( even as a billed annual 737.88 euros! ) for a freelancer.   The difference of 2.7K could have gone to a new machine which I need.  

Also subscriptions are completely tax deductible. 

Where is my upside? 



I'm in the same boat. Just bought an upgrade/sidegrade on my Studio version from R17 to R20 at the end of June. My machine really needs an update so I wish I could've used that $5,000+ on a new machine and the sub model. Good times. 

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30 minutes ago, Igor said:

Not sure what are you talking about but this is totally different system and impossible to do with the old one. New Bevel for caps is an amazing tool that can also be animated...you see what our guys did with it soon enough. Ill ask for the video so I can show you tool in action! :)


Please do! I need some cheering up! I hate to be a downer - I love C4D actually - maybe I was expecting too much. We own C4D, pay for the MSA's, we've invested thousands in plugins, etc. So we will continue to use C4D, but MAXON needs to know we need better meshes in every area. I thought they would really revitalize much more of the old code. Hell if they just updated the lens flares post effect I wouldn't be so disappointed. 3D text is not exciting, it can be done in very cheap software or with a plugin in AE, we never even use it unless we want to make something that looks retro.

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There are many things in R21 that may on paper not seem to exciting, but they are significant in use, and once your get to use them you will wonder how you worked without them.  Better  Mixamo compatibility  was asked for by many, thats a heck of alot of work put into that alone.  New weighting will offer a better initial weighting method for many cases Im sure.  Copy & Paste of polygon selections to a new mesh was something that I missed when coming from Modo, Its now here.  Visually it looks significantly more polished in the UI, more slick and professional, this may not seem important but its something you look at all day long.  There is alot to take in, and Im sure there are things in there for everyone that will speed up their workflow in one way or another.


As for the new licence options, some info like how much a perpetual upgrade will cost is not known yet, and what is to happen with Cinevercity pricing?  The thing is Perpetual Licences are still there and because this is still the case I would not have thought MAXON would make upgrades any more expensive than they are now given this option has been kept.  I think the new features should be at least tried, and its worth at least giving it a bit more time to see the updated site for more info when its up about some info that is unknown at this time.  Im not a fan of Subscription but that dont mean others wont benefit from it.  Rent to own is for me the best of all solutions.  Getting your hands on Redshift within a subscription for some may be the way to get into GPU rendering without that initial outlay on a perpetual licence, this can then be put towards a new GPU.  Redshift is crazy fast, and MAXON made a great investment there.





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