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I appreciate Rick's responses here. Thank you.


Pixliatednoise - it does feel more flexible for a guy in your position, as you could start your sub once a few more key features had dropped or the newer features became important to you.


Hey someone just dropped an F-bomb on the Siggraph live stream! It's during the video of the guys building a Photoshop mountain of Paul Babb's head. It's funny stuff.


Foundry thread on the R21 pricing announcement. Some now keen to jump over to C4D, and a couple of saltier responses. But generally they're arguing that the initiative will put pressure on the Foundry to drop Modo pricing.



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Hi All,   This is my first time at Siggraph in a long time!  Last year I had just started at MAXON and it was too late to attend.  I am extremely excited to be going back to Siggraph and wit

First time post on a forum but felt the need to. Happy user since R10 Studio with investment in most plug-ins for the software. (Over $20,000 NZ Dollars spent in that time.) Just a hobbyist with no in

I've been a MAXON / C4D customer for 19 years  -  and I couldn't agree more.   It seems MAXON are now quite willing to penalise those with Studio MSA  - who are much more likely to be locked

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5 hours ago, prowl said:



Volumes Dude.  Its amazing.  


Or the plugin Meshboolean is really good if you don't like the volume mesh output. 


No, the MeshBoolean Plugin and Nitro4Ds BoxModel Plugin also use the C4D internal Boolean technology, there's no improvement there.


I agree with renegade, a Boolean rework would have to be done / expected in R20 or R21.


While OpenVDB Modeling is great (and SubD modeling of course), Booleans can be a good solution in some cases and a redesigned Boolean algorithm would also make it easier for those plugins. Look at BoxCutter or HardOps in Blender!

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Bought into C4D at R10 (+ ALL Modules—MoGraph and other features were separate, then). Have, also, invested a large amount in [MAXON-related] training (3D Fluff, BW Design, C4DCafe, C4D.cz [Pavel Zoch], cmiVFX, fxphd, Greyscalegorilla, helloLUXX [Tim Clapham, etc], Motionworks, Vertex Pusher [Hrvoje Srdelic]) and plug-ins (CinemaPlugins [Paul Everett], Greyscalegorilla, Holger Biebrach, Insydium [X-Particles & Cycles 4D], Next Limit, etc).


MSA is current and I will receive R21. But, I don't know that I will even install it. (Just feeling really frustrated by the current news.)


May get out of 3D, altogether, at this point, and continue on as a full-stack web developer. (Or, maybe I'll give Blender a shot.) Most / all (creative) software that I have invested into is going the way of subscription—and I don't like it.


Obviously, MAXON is free to do what they want. I was just hoping they would be the exception. Don't see how their new offerings benefit me AT ALL. :sad:


R10 w ALL Modules, Studio R12, Studio R13, Studio R14, Studio R15, Studio R16, Studio R17, Studio R18, Studio R19, Studio R20, [R21]

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3 hours ago, BoganTW said:

Hey someone just dropped an F-bomb on the Siggraph live stream! It's during the video of the guys building a Photoshop mountain of Paul Babb's head. It's funny stuff.


Yeah. That was happening just as I had pulled up this forum and hadn't realized the stream was playing (from YouTube), at the bottom of the page.


I thought, "Which of my 100 [browser] tabs is playing audio? I'm not watching anything! Couldn't be the Siggraph live stream! They wouldn't use language like that." :confused::ohmy: (It was beeple / Mike Winkelmann.)

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This Siggraph livestream is hilarious.


David Brodeur is scrolling through negative instagram comments he's received and is reading them aloud. They're all appearing onscreen. And the user names are blocked out, but he's left the f-bombs intact onscreen, so he reads "Someone has written 'W-T-F is this?'. And then he scrolls past a bunch of comments where the f-bombs are fully spelled out on screen, and just comically glosses over them. 


I've watched two minutes tops of the livestream while doing other stuff and both of them has been full of f-bombs. My ears are blushing red now.


Maybe someone who only uses the new R21 features two or three times a year can just subscribe for a month in each instance and then let it lapse and slide back to R20, if that's what they use. I dunno. That sounds like it'd be cheaper than what they were paying beforehand.



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I don't even feel like watching this year...Some of the magic is gone I guess...I always took pride in choosing C4D over maya/max 10 years ago. The program was different, the company as well. The users were kind of like cool outcasts. 

There was also a sense of genuineness in MAXON but the new CEO's latest presentation was so full of marketing BS that I came to realize this era is now over. 

The program is still damn cool but the love factor is gone. 


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18 hours ago, Hrvoje said:

4. Bundling all editions into one version is huge benefit. This coupled with online shop, online help, online delivery simply leads to more development time for features


You can call it "bundling editions", or you could call it "scrapping all the more affordable versions of C4D for those who didn't need Studio".
And they already had online delivery for several years now.
I hope they can figure out some indie-license scheme at some point. Let's see how Autodesk fares with that.

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what puzzles me in general: why is everyone acting as if it was subscription only from now on? there‘s still perpetual and afaik upgrade prices for perpetual haven‘t been announced yet (IMO a big mistake to not announce that right away). what i do get though is that prime/visualize/broadcast users are pissed, since they will have to pay more in the future.

but for studio users nothing much has changed. worst case scenario is we would have to pay like what, 50 or 100 more a year to be on the most recent version.  if you ask me i think they should have made subscription a liitle cheaper even, so you save some money compared to msa. kept upgrade prices for perpetual same as msa. then most people would have been happy, but if you think about it, they are „only“ 50 to 100€ per year off with their calculations. is that really that much of a dealbreaker?

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I was afraid of the creative cloud subscription (adobe), and had the same reaction most people have here about the MAXON subscription. But I was wrong. In the end, as a professional using these apps, it really doesn't make that much of a difference. You just always have the latest version and so much more, and you miss that big obstacle of a huge price once. 


I'm thrilled to see 'simple' things in the new release, such as copy / paste points and polygons, a denoiser, and from what I can read here, a faster f-curve editor.


Just got an email of my local distributor, saying I need to renew my MSA license. But do I? The new release is in September, with the new subscription model, so why should I pay 665€ for the MSA?

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Same here.

Just got an invoice from my local distributor to renew the MSA, which will be active from 1-9-2019 to 31-08-2020, for the price of 665,50 euros.

Confused, as yesterday they sent me a mail that as from 30-July the current licensing with MSA had ceased to exist.


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On 7/31/2019 at 2:05 AM, King of Snake said:


The problem with Adobe is not so much the subscription, but the lack of competition.


I always thought this clip was a good explanation to what happens to product design/innovation in a monopoly environment.  In the case of software products/services like Adobe, Autodesk, and others - it's pretty obvious.




In regards to subscription/software-as-a-service business models - I'm not a fan. I terminated my MSA with MAXON on R20. I'm pretty confident I can sit on this version for a few years and not miss-out of productivity or new features.


I agree, BodyPaint/UV system overhaul would be worth upgrading.


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