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Exporting Realflow from C4D

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Hi all, 
Im a newbie to using realflow and just looking for some beginner tips regarding the export process. Should i be caching the scene before exporting? I have GI applied to the scene, and a showerhead spraying water. Looks like the render will take approx 4 hours without caching (on a good but old pc laptop), should i 'Cache Simulation' or 'Cache Meshes' or both? 
I have tried caching before but strangely it has offset the position of the mesh upon rendering. 
Any advice would be great thanks :)

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the normal workflow is with caching, because otherwise you don't have the simulation available when you decide to render only a part of the timeline and you can much better judge how good the sim works when you can play it in the timeline.

Once an active mesher object is in the scene, "cache simulation" will cache both. But you can decide to re-cache the mesh only, if you make changes to the parameter of the mesh without changing the previously chached particle sim. 


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