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Making hair wrap around object

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hey guys,


I have set up this scene which has 2 texts:

one green text with displacement map working as a support

one red text laying on top of it


I added hair to the displaced green material (which was made as a Sweep), i don't want the hair to come through the red text but rather to wrap itself around it.


I watched a tutorial and it says to use the "Hair Collider" tag on the red text but it doesn't seem to be working. I even used "Current State to Object" and still the Hair Collider didn't work


Any thoughts? how can i make this work?





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to use the hair collider you would have to push the red text into the green, taking advantage of its dynamic properties, so animate into the hair.

Or the other way around obviously, moving green into red.





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Hair is never going to wrap around anything I'm afraid, unless you use custom splines as hair guides that you have wrapped around stuff to control it. The collider functions will at most push it out of the way, not make it wrap round stuff.


You may be able to fake the effect using colliders and then the curl or other function of the hair material to give the general impression of it curling over the top, but you won't actually get one lot to wrap itself around the other without those custom splines...



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