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Sculpted mesh vs mesh + displacement

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I'm almost done with my lizard model and textures, and when I make renders, I get around 20s (Physical) render with my mesh and its sculpt layer on.

However, when I bake the mesh and use a displacement map (tried RGB Tangent and Centered Intensity) I get 30s renders.


Is it normal to have a slower render using a displacement map instead of sculpt layers ?


If so, I guess that I could keep the sculpt layer on, but does it work well with character rigging and animation ?


Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately SPD is very, very slow in the C4D render. Standard and Physical are equally bad here. So yeah, I can imagine it being slower than the sculpted model. If you don't get any issues like running out of RAM or something similiar I see no reason not to use the sculpt.

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  • Thanks, I was guessing that.


    Regarding my second question, I tried rigging and weighting with the sculpt layer on the low poly mesh but it's sketchy. You always need the freeze option to see the rig deforming the mesh then you can't tweak the sculpt. It's also causing the mesh to look full black, with or without textures.

    I guess it's not meant to be used together.


    The sculpt layers didn't slowed down the viewport though so I guess I could just do a "Current state to Object" and have an easier time with fine tuning/point morphing without longer render times.

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