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Redshift - Materials & fields ...

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I have a scene with a few splines in a cloner, which are then effected by a displacer using a spherical field.

I then connect these using a connect object and sweep them using a single sweep nurbs.


I would like to use Redshift to control the material over the fall off of the spherical field only but am struggling to work out how in the shader graph.


If anyone has any ideas / tips that would be great - scene file below.




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ok, you don't need to make it geometry you can use correction tag and vertex point + fields

lol, I solve it by accident :D.  you have to make two identical setups.
transferred color from setup 1  to set up 2.  Change something in your geometry you just need to update correction tags and move your field and it will fix itself.


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found out why

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Hi guys, I had a play with this project and came up with this. Thought I would share. It shows up blue in the editor but has a blue/red mix powered by the field. shows up in the render view.



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