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Fixing camera projection with UV unwrap

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I am using a camera mapping to model/map a phone as per the file, I want to be able to extract the UV texture from the phone after generating the UVW coordinates, paint on it using PS and then use the corrected texture and apply it back on the phone, is there any recommended work flow, I want to be able to paint on a flatten projection texture rather to paint on the real texture.

Thank you for your ideas for the best workflow




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No I don't think that's going to work. Whereas you can nail down the current camera mapping as UVs by selecting the material tag in question, r-clicking and choosing the Generate UV coords command that doesn't help you much. You won't be able to do anything with that resulting map without breaking it (like relaxing it flat for example, which will fail because it doesn't have proper UV borders or seams), and if you don't do anything with it you might as well be painting over the original photo in PS !



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