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Blender 2.8 officially released!

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You have 27 more great years from my perspective! So go for it.

Just make sure you have LACK of lifestyle induced disease. I can do 20 pull-ups, 50 pushups, I can embarrass those muscle brains on the weight machines, and I do a 4:19 on the USA Cycling 5 minute time trial. Just keep eating those fruits and vegetables, avoid excessive alcohol, get plenty of sleep, and workout daily.

I just downloaded Blender 2.83, LOVE IT, and I am obsessed with learning it. It is totally accessible. I am starting at the right time in the history of Blender development from what I hear in regards to user friendliness. 

I like Blender sculpting way better than C4Ds, btw.

I also am on C4D r19 but I am worried that MAXON will somehow lock me out of it.

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Not many to be honest. I would say Cinema 4D is ahead in terms of UI, UI customization, Mograph tools, Object Manager (it seems a small thing, but C4D has the best OM of all 3D apps), Artist friendlin

HI, just wanted to point out to anyone trying to learn  the new blender 2.8+ modelling tools, this short and to the point tutorials by this guy; https://www.youtube.com/user/BlenderDiplom/videos

I highly recommend the tutorials from FlippedNormals especially if you use Substance Painter in your workflow. 

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I just finished the texture painting module of that tutorial series and this area is definitely WAY better in Blender. I had given up on that topic in C4D. I feel so empowered!

X Particles is reason enough to keep my C4D for now and I go nuts over X Particles.

I also love MoGraph but I have yet to study Animation Nodes in Blender.

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On 2/23/2020 at 12:55 PM, teknow said:

I still love C4D but they have some pretty serious competition now with Blender 2.83 and hopefully as a result both software will benefit from this competition. I am definitely concerned that MAXON will somehow make my r19 unusable and I need an alternative. I am definitely not going with their new purchase programs. It is just too expensive and Blender 2.8 is FREE.

I have been with C4D since R6 but they are not taking care of guys like me anymore.

I just love how a 0.01 release in Blender packs as much as a full point release in C4D. Release 2.82 contains significant upgrade to Blenders simulation capability that should attract those like myself who love X-Particles.  While 2.83 is in alpha, it is still packed with a number of improvements (found here).


Not sure how MAXON can make R19 or R20 unusable as they are not server enabled.  I am surprised that you did not upgrade to R20 when you had the chance as that release was rather impressive (IMHO - the last of the glory days).  Also, not sure what the legalities are should MAXON no longer decide to support the activation of perpetual licenses in the far future. 


But in reality, MAXON is probably not planning on supporting perpetual license activation forever for the simple reason that your operating systems and hardware won't last forever.  Usually, running really old software on new hardware or a new OS is impossible or a really unpleasant experience should you get it to work.  So in reality, the life of a C4D perpetual license is tied to how long you can run it on the OS upgrades over time.  I would probably put that life to somewhere between 5 and 10 years based on Microsoft's support model for Windows (5 years of active support which includes bug fixes, on-line support, and security fixes followed by 5 years of security only fixes).  At some point, I would imagine a change to Windows security protocols will take license activation out of MAXON's hands.  "Sorry", MAXON will say in 2027, "but due to changes to Windows 17 security requiring two factor biometric identification, we can no longer support R21 license activation".  


Now for those running R20 that doesn't require license activation, I still think you have at most 10 years of life with that program at most.  There could be issues with running R20 on whatever Microsoft produces in 2029. Now you may think that you will just keep your PC running with the old OS forever.  Well, good luck.  They just don't build them like that anymore and honestly, who would want to keep using 10 year old PC hardware? I would be interested to hear from anyone who still runs R10 on Windows 10.  I would imagine that is not a pleasant experience if it runs at all (and let's not even talk about the plugins).


So, perpetual licenses really are NOT "perpetual".  They all have a life.  But as for me, I just want the ability to off-load from C4D gracefully should I decide to do so...and that requires a perpetual license.  Simply loosing all my work right away when I fail to renew a subscription really bothers me but the cost increase of the perpetual licenses is just as bothersome.   I keep hoping for a middle ground as discussed here, but I fear that has fallen on deaf ears.






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Dave, Those are all the reasons I feel the MAXON will soon force me out.

The more I study Blender the less I use C4D. Blender UV editing (my current area of obsession) is so user friendly and powerful and I really did not like Bodypaint and never got into it. I am starting to feel empowered with new skills especially texture painting and sculpting so far. Blender sculpting is marvelous.

I got really excited about Cycles via X-Particles and Cycles 4D and so I already am up to speed on Cycles in Blender. It is SO powerful.

The new interface upgrades have made Blender quite user friendly.

Also, due to new inflow of funds, Blender just significantly expanded their development department and we should see rapid upgrades now.

For guys like me there are gobs of tutorials on the web just as is true for C4D.

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Off topic. Do you all have a community section for C4D users learning Blender? 
There's this thread of course, of which you participated, but it's hard to ask questions on one single thread. 

I still use C4D on my personal project but I did get to use Blender (when 2.80 was released) because one of my clients is moving/using to Blender. 

So far, what I don't like about Blender is lack of "official" support. I tried asking if I donate, do I get an official support. And the answer is not really. It's probably on the higher tier donation. 

Community support is fine but when you are in a production where you need response within 24 hours, support is really a must. 

RE: Cycles
Indeed, this render engine is a real contender. Not as fast as Redshift (of course since RS is unbiased) but you get a high quality render with GPU power. And with RTX coming along, it is said to be 30-40% more faster. 

RE: Cycles4D
The bummer with the C4D port is because there is no API for the nodes. And there is no details when and what specific features are going to be ported soon. My subscription is going to end soon and I don't see renewing with nothing to look forward.  

RE: Octane FREE on Blender
Correct me if I'm wrong but Octane is Free on Single GPU  hardware in Blender. 


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6 hours ago, bentraje said:


RE: Cycles
Indeed, this render engine is a real contender. Not as fast as Redshift (of course since RS is unbiased) but you get a high quality render with GPU power. And with RTX coming along, it is said to be 30-40% more faster. 


A special (paid) version of Cycles exists, which is even far faster for most scenes than the official version.

It is called E-Cycles. I have it, and it's like I got a new machine for rendering. With RTX it is even faster.


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