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Blender 2.8 officially released!

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No way am I that good! The creator is:



(but who knows, in a few months..........)

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On 3/16/2020 at 11:49 AM, BigAl3D said:

I too am impressed with some of the features in Blender and it now sports a much friendlier UI. I've been checking out the new Mantaflow Liquids simulation system and it's very impressive. Does anyone know of a way to get a liquid simulation mesh animation into C4D? If I export as Alembic, I can play the simulation inside C4D, but it's only dots and no mesh.




I use X Particles OVDB Mesher

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For those of you trying to recreate MoGraph in Blender here is the missing link:


FALLOFFS! Just what I needed. And they act just like Fields too.

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Bentraje, Check out the MoGraph which Blue Fox is doing in Blender. wow! If you are Windows based you can download his new nodes.



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BTW, have you tried rendering in Cycles? Is there a way not to light an object from a specific lamp? Or does this go against the unbiased nature of Cycles?

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Here are some workarounds all of which I do not clearly understand!



I have made a ton of example files, almost all around Animation Nodes, as a result of the Blue Fox tutorials. Do you have any interest in downloading these?

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Just had a look at the site. Yea, I guess the more reliable route is to set-up another render for light
1) The beauty render
2) The affected object mask render
3)  Another render with only the affected light enabled
4) In the compositing page, deduct #3 with the #1 with #2 mask. 
5) Downside is you can't see it in real time which is a bummer. 

The problem with the light path node, correct me if I'm wrong, it accept any path rather than have a specific object or object list.
For instance, the "Is Diffuse Ray" would actually do the job if it has a next condition such as "Is Diffuse Ray from a Specific camera" or some sort. 
I'm just thinking off the top of my head hahaha

RE: Do you have any interest in downloading these?
I would but I won't be able to check them immediately since I'm in a middle of the project 😞
So it will be for safekeeping or future study. 

BTW, here are also other Blender Resources:

It's a bit unorganized but it has a lot of useful infos. 

The Blender Node groups in the Facebook group are informative.
They create shader networks that resembles what Unreal or Substance Designer can accomplish. 

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Incredible, Blender has Reaction-Diffusion built in! I could only use it via Ready prior. It produces gorgeous organic shapes such as brain coral, fish patterns, or zebra stripes and many, many other examples. I brought the topic up once here a long time ago and there was zero interest but it is a really exciting area of creativity.

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