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ThinkingParticles and MoGraph Cloner

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Hi all,


I have a MoGraph Cloner setup set to Object mode, where a TP particle group is being used as the framework for cloning. The object being cloned is a simple mesh sphere, though the Cloner has MoGraph Multi-Shader applied to it so that the particles are 5 different colors.


After a couple test renders, I'm noticing that once I have cached my clones to disk using the MoGraph Cache tag, C4D only renders a fraction of the clones. Here's a side-by-side-comparison: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4xq8teg9bzfdms/cached_v_uncached.mp4?dl=0

Also, here's my scene file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nhz9hnjn5if40o/VID1_Shot05_Disintegration_v13_mograph-cache-test_more2.c4d?dl=0


I did a test in AfterEffects to make sure things line up, and sure enough they do - the only problem is that the cached version is missing what looks to be about half of its clones. Is this normal behavior for the tag, or have I missed something in the setup?


Thanks ahead of time for any insights...





cached (0-00-08-16).jpg

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Scene is very heavy and thus difficult to troubleshoot since I am on laptop atm. Currently your cloner is set to render instances. Try using instance mode and cache then to see if that resolves the issue?

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  • Hi Hrovje,


    Many thanks for this reply also! 

    Apologies for heaviness of scene. When I have a spare minute I'll parse out whatever's less than necessary and send a new link. 


    I tried turning "render instances" off, though I'm still getting the same result, where only a fraction of the clones show up at render-time. I also pushed up the "Max Particles" count in the Thinking Particles Settings panel, just to see if this would do anything, though I suspect this is not where the problem lies.


    Otherwise, I'm not sure what you mean when you say "try using instance mode..."  

    Does this mean first creating an instanced version of the cloned sphere object and using that under the cloner object?

    Or could it mean some function in one of the TP nodes in Xpresso? Sorry I'm a bit confused.


    I should mention I seem to be having the same problem in another scene as well where I'm using Cloner with any ThinkingParticles that have more than one Particle Group within a hierarchy. Does this sound familiar at all to you?
    I may just end up using brute force solution of using one Cloner object per Particle Group.


    Thanks again for your reply and your insights!




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