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Effector on Cloner inside Cloner

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Hi everyone, I have a small problem, maybe someone can help me with this. I have a Wall consisting of cloned Cubes which again consist of smaller Cubes. So a cloner inside a cloner. My goal is to move them with a Random Effector with a Field to make the small cubes extrude. If I put a random effector on the first Cloner all of the bigger Cubes have the same set of smaller cubes with the same random Position. On the other hand when the Effector is on the Top Level Cloner, only the bigger cubes are effected.

Is there a way to have a cloner inside a cloner and use a random effector on ALL elements without repeating patterns? Am I just missing out on something here ?



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  • I can´t believe it was that was simple.
    Thank you so much!

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