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Replace Materials on Many Objects

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So I often have scenes (yes with cars) where I have more than one model in use. Most models have separate parts for all the sections that are painted. Many times these parts are in different groups throughout the parent group. Right now, in order to change the paint color, I have to scroll through and find every object and select it's material tag, then I can drag the new color and change them all. 


I don't want to eliminate the old material, so I'm not drag-replacing it in the Material Manager which also works great for large numbers of objects IF you want to remove the old material.


Is there a trick to use some sort of master button or maybe some Xpresso that would let me drag a new material somewhere and it will replace all the material tag links for that object WITHOUT deleting the previous material?


Does that make sense?



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Yes, or rather sort of. To temp replace all the mats, in the Renderer Options, you can check Material override...

Think it's all or nothing though - not just 1 mat...



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Not sure which renderer you are using, but do you have something like a Mix Material (Octane)/Material Blender (Redshift)? You could plug multiple materials in and then adjust the amount,  setup some simple xpresso, or user data to switch between them.



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You can select the material you want to replace, then either right-click it or go to the Function menu and choose "Select Texture Tags/Objects"


This selects every object and tag with that material. In the Attributes panel, you will see the Tag Properties. Drag and drop the new material you want into the 'Material' slot to update all at once.

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    @shaddI'm using Corona which does have a Nodal material system, however, I have yet to dive into it. Not sure if Corona has that feature or not. I'll ask on their forums.


    @Vizn Yes, I'm aware of this trick, but if I have 10 red cars and I need to make three of them white, then they will all turn white.

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    28 minutes ago, BigAl3D said:

     Yes, I'm aware of this trick, but if I have 10 red cars and I need to make three of them white, then they will all turn white.


    Oops! Sorry I missed that part of your post. I haven't had my coffee yet. 


    In this case, it might be easier to select the cars you want to keep red, or whatever, and copy those to a new file, then delete them from the first file. Do the material manager replacement trick, then copy back the ones from the second file.



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