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TFD/Particles weird render/viewport

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Did someone encounter this issue when playing an animation in the viewport? See also how it looks in the render.
I don't know what could be the cause, until yesterday it worked fine (even if the animation is heavy on TurbulenceFD simulations). Even if I play frame by frame it still appears.

I did copy the scene to another new project file (I even deleted some TFD simulation and remain with only one) but I still get this.

I am using the generic particles here...and the physical renderer.




 I think I found what the problem was...it's the compression of the simulation. I had it checked and I think that what was the cause.
I did a simulation without checking the Compress Cache (in Container tab of Turbulence FD) and it seems this problem disappeared.


808 Aug. 08 03.44.jpg

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I don't know what TFD version you use, but you are definitely not up to date... i think the "Compress cache" option has been removed a long long time ago ;)

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