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waveform over irregular animated curve

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Hello All,


Not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but since I've been working with Mograph so far I'll post it here.


I'm trying to generate a waveform (sine) along an animated curve, meaning the points on the spline are to be in motion while a waveform moves across the spline. The waveform doesn't have to be mathematically 'correct' it just has to be a consistent wave (ie it could be a 'fake' sine wave) throughout the curve. 

So far I can generate a sine wave on a straight line with equal segments, but when the segments (vertices) get moved and create a curve with segments of unequal lengths ('irregular' curves), the wave gets longer in portions and shorter in others.


Is there a (simplish) way to maintain a standard wavelength on a dynamic 'irregular' curve? It doesn't have to be a true sine wave but just needs a constant and equal wave motion while the curve changes in length/shape.

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!


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I think I'm posting questions too soon.

I don't know if I solved this or not, but I decreased falloff in the Formula effector and increased parameter of wave heights and I got the wave to improve. For what I need this is good enough.


My apologies for posting questions and answers to my own questions. Maybe someone can learn from them.


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14 minutes ago, M G said:

My apologies for posting questions and answers to my own questions. Maybe someone can learn from them.

No, you've done exactly the right thing there ! Posting your answer might well help someone else later down the line...


I think there might be another way too, involving MoSpline, in Spline mode, which might allow you to use your original as an input whilst outputting different (and more regular) point distribution and interpolation settings. But not my area of expertise, so I should leave the people that are to expound on that possibility...



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