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Plugins and Team Render

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Here's an interesting thing I learned today - disabled plugins that are not being used still need to be installed on TR clients or TR won't work.


I'd made a gimbal mounted bouncing ball gizmo with castors rotated via RollIt. I baked everything to keyframes and disabled RollIt, Python+ dynamics. When I put it in TR, all the clients said 'no', missing RollIt being the culprit - even though it was disabled. I removed the disabled Rollit and TR ran OK. Here's the test scene



Here's another of my Python experiments -



Maybe I should change my username to 'checkerboardman'

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Yeah the Plugin system is weird sometimes. I have several old scenes that used V-Ray but later got converted to Octane or Standard Render in later revisions.

Even though there is absolutely no more V-Ray related tags, materials, objects or render settings the projects keep on telling me I am missing parts of the V-Ray plugin, but the project still works fine. Moving the entire scene to a new project yields the same result.


Same with the Teamrender. I cannot render those scenes without having the V-Ray Plugin installed, even though nothing in the scenes is V-Ray anymore.


I have a feeling some Plugins leave some "residue" data in the objects and scenes that cannot be removed unless you rebuild from scratch.


That's some nice stuff btw. Sometimes I wish I could script as well but well, that's just another thing I don't have the time for :(

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