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Scatter object evenly

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I want to scatter an object evenly distributed over a surface.

I tried yaders approach. But the scattered object get stretched depending the polygon size.
I need to finde a away where the object get scattered evenly and independently from the polygon size.
Maybe someone already had the problem?

Attached a c4d file with a surface (type character)
surface_scattertest.c4dsurface_scattertest.c4d test.


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I'd say use a Mograph cloner object set to Distribution > Surface.  Now add a Push Apart effector in Hide mode.  Up the Count of the clones in Mograph cloner to a ton then adjust the push apart nodes distance till they are all spaced as far apart as you like.


evenly spaced instances.zip

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Playing around I though this looked cool.


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Hair in most cases is "relative" good enough. Push appart effector could be more precise, but I think needs a lot of more time to calculate final result...

For example fast try with hair



Using hair is dependent on mesh size itself, count of clones and spacing distance parameter...

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