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Consistent zoom in iso cam view

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Hi all


Working in iso camera projection, I have a plane in a cloner with a large count. Essentially I would like to zoom into one of them from a far at a consistent speed. I have tried to linear keyframe this move, however the zoom function doesn't seem to have a constant value, making objects apear to move fast when at a low zoom distance and slow at a higher zoom distance! I have also tried to leave the camera locked, and scaling the cloner, but this gives a similar effect. Does anyone have any ideas? Am I missing a simple solution? Or perhaps Espresso could have the answer in creating a consistent zoom in. 

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In XPresso, you could draw a curve in rangemapper to give the response you want.




Another way is to use a formula for exponential. The syntax for exponential, say 2 to the power 5 is


value = pow(2;5) = 32


note the semi-colon. In this file




I used


0.1 * pow(2 ; s * 10)


where s is the slider 0-100% and 0.1 scales the value. Not knowing the size of your scene (or anything about iso cams), I'm just guessing the numbers.

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