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Make this Plait using Hair ?

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Hi there, I'm trying to make hairs for my character.

As you can see in the picture below i want to make hairs like this but i have no idea to how to make hairs like this... is it possible to make this using Cinema4D Hairs or i need to make this using FiberMesh ?


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I'd say so, yes.


This video is the current 'goto' for that sort of thing... here it is deployed as knitting, but hopefully you can see how it also applies to what you are doing...



So essentially you are using spline-wrap to wrap a series of 'hair' splines along your 'path' splines, and rendering it using the Spline Guides Mode of the Hair Object, with Hair cloning used to add randomness.



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@bezo@Cerbera thank you very much guys ❤️ these helped so much 

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