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Hi all!


I'm making high-detailed laser cut artworks. I'm currently trying to reduce detail to reduce cutting costs. Only way to do so is by hand. Now I'm looking at a file with 3300 exploded splines. 500+ of those are squares I don't need to touch. 


I'm looking for a way to sort them by amount of points (that can be seen in the structure manager). Switching them off would work, putting them in a layer, anything that avoids me going over them one by one only to sort them.

If I could just filter all the splines with for example 8 points I could edit those far quicker.


Is there a way to do so or is anybody willing to take a challenge and X-presso it for me? Happy to give a financial "thank you" for it!

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For me it may be pretty simple.

Simple script in python:

Run thru whole hierarchy, search for splines, compare pointcount, and add to created layer if condition thrue...

Simple, it has just little BUT


...I don´t know how to write script :(


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here is a quick and dirty one. In the scene, there is user data setting where you define the count of points which is selection criteria. So, any point count less than what you enter there will be selected in object manager. Do note that effect is continuous and you can disable xpresso tag to stop the script within Xpresso. Hope this helps :)


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yes, that´s it. But I was ment pure python script with searching thru all hierarchies in OM (I expect user has a very complicated model with a lot of hierachies which contain splines not just single one)

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I wrote I couldn't get it to work but never mind, I updated my C4D and it works like a charm now!


Thank you so much, that will save me several hours of work, possibly days. I'll PM you, cheers!


I don't have a complicated hierarchie, it's an exploded version of a complicated drawing really. No hierarchy at all and in the end it will be one drawing again... So this tool is plenty enough! I'm always going to spend hours on it, and still, so this "quick and dirty" version with a couple of extra clicks is perfectly fine! 


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