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Philipp Buxbaum

Voronoi Fracture and Bevel

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Hey Guys,


I´m starting with C4D and trying to animate a head with Voronoi Fracture. I got the head from Daz. 

I apply the Voronoi Fracture on the head with a Matrix to get the fracture I want. 

I also want the bevel the Edges of the Fracture and here my problem starts.... I selcted the Surface Break Edges in the Selection Tab of the Fracture and put the Bevel inside a Null with the Head and Fracture. 

But turning the Bevel on the head gets very distored.... Normally i could fix it by useing  "Angle" and "Limit" inside the Bevel or increase the Angle Threshold. But in this project it won´t get better. 


Does anyone know what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance!





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Hi Philipp,


Try to place cuts in the best as posible on mesh (but sometimes you can´t ofcourse)

placing cuts in picture example



when cuts are placed in final position and bevels still not look good (´cos of mesh), try to slightly edit source mesh simply by moving points (Slide Tool) which could bit improve bevel results. Something like in this pictures








Since mesh you fracture isn´t cube (interesting 🙂), mesh points near cuts cause problems with bevel (simply there isn´t space for creating nice bevel with selected radius... 


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