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Conveyor Candy Transform Tutorial

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Conveyor Candy Transform with Logo from Airbusch1



[Beginner-Intermediate] [Requires Mograph]


In this Cinema 4D tutorial we'll transform chunks of chocolate into disc-shaped candy pieces using Cloner Blend and Sort Mode. Then give our chocolate confections a bright candy coating using the Shader Effector, and the Multi-Shader to assign specific colors to each candy piece coming down the conveyor.


And before the candy is finished, we'll imprint each candy morsel with a C4D logo! Lots of fun stuff in this tutorial and I think you will learn some interesting things about coloring clones and using the Cloner Blend Mode! 


So let's get started


You can also view on my website airbusch1: https://airbusch1.com/2019/08/11/conveyor-candy-transform-with-logo/

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Thanks for sharing!

| MAXON Quality Assurance Specialist | 3D Asset Creatior | C4D Cafe Manager | Gamer in Heart | :compEnjoy:

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