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Team Render in R21?

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Can anyone give some information on whether there are any changes to Team Render in R21?

I'm planning on setting up a little render farm with some old HP machines and I planned to have them off-line on their own network.

Team render machines won't have to have internet access right?  because that would be extremely inconvenient.


We still get unlimited Team Render nodes right?






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nice question. I also keep all my render nodes offline, as I don't have the time to keep all of them patched all the time. and when I start the farm I don't want it to update and reboot, because of some microsoft updates.

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Same here.  The nodes are all offline.  Be nice if you could download a patch on the one main machine and have it update all the nodes from the main machine which the click on one button.  Now we have to manually drag the file to all the machines and click update using file.  It's a hassle.


The way MAXON is going I would not be surprised if all the nodes had to be online now.

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Just to update this thread.  I did hear from Steve R from sales that R21 includes 5 render nodes.  For some reason I have yet to hear if these nodes will require an internet connection.  

I'm not sure why its so hard to get this answer, hopefully because they are figuring out a way to make a node not require an internet connection.   

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