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(R17) Deformation deformer q's

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(apologies, but there doesn't seem to be an "ANIMATION: GENERAL" forum)
(screenshot and scene file attached)

Having trouble with the Displacer deformer (R17):

I'd like this blob to have a repeating, animated top-to-bottom ripple in a radial direction, iow along the polygon normals. Additionally, I'd like for the displacement effect to be minimal (~zero) at the top/crown, and maximum at the bottom.

Unfortunately the plethora of parameters in the dialogs has defeated me (not to mention a rather scanty IMO description of same in the Help, which concentrate on 2D matrices of particles). Here's a screenshot and I'll post the scene file.

Questions include:
1) why is the deformation not occurring in the "nwest" quadrant?
2) What is the difference between "intensity" and "intensity (centered)" in the "Type" field?

Thanks for any wisdom.

Displace SEATTLEc4d.png


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Are you using R17? If so, any R20 setup I make won't help you due to fields. If I understood you correctly then set falloff to infinite in displacer, and try animating the offsetU in displacer. Make sure your gradient is cycling otherwise it won't produce results. Hope that helps :)

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Categories-wise, your problem here is the displacer, which means the correct category for it is Modelling: Deformers etc... I'll move that for you.


As for the setup, there are a few things going wrong here...


1. In R19 (the furthest back version I can currently test in) the displacer isn't affecting 2 quadrants ! But the reason is the same - the values in the displacer's size attributes is not large enough, and (for various confusing technical reasons) your gradient in the displacer is in the wrong direction (needs to be U, not V).

2. That lathe is not really suitable for displacement in order to get the result you want, either in the distribution of its edges, which are very uneven, but mainly because of its particular shape, specifically the inside. If you are asking a displacer to displace along the polygon normals, and then you feed in a form that has loads of closely packed surfaces, then that will make the closely packed parts instantly intersect each other when affected by the displacement, which is what happens here when it appears to be going wrong. The uneven edge distribution will additionally stop the displacement looking smooth as it travels across the model.

3. The normals need reversing in the lathe, which means everything the displacer was doing for you was in the reverse direction, which may have added to the general confusion !


We can sort out the distribution of edges  in the lathe by setting the spline interpolation to Uniform:0, and then putting the whole setup under SDS to get our smoothing back...

Then we can tick Reverse Normals in the Lathe to sort that issue out.


Look how much more suitable this sort of mesh is for even deformation...




But because of No. 2 above, this (the displacer) is not the setup you need. I would use Bulge and Jiggle deformers instead, as these won't make your close-packed polys intersect each other. Here's velvet-voiced C4D guru Daniel Danielsson, explaining how to set that up to get the sort of effect you are looking for...



Hope that helps...



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