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davy dumartheray

different id mat. with cloth surface

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Hello !


I am new to c4d and I cannot figure out how you can generate different material id on a plane with a cloth surface.


In fact, I have a plane on wich I use a polyfx and a shader effector to animate the polygons. This plane is contained in a cloth surface in order to extrude the polygons.


In the end I have animated cubes generated with the polyfx and the cloth surface, so I was wandering how could I assign different colors to each faces of the cubes ? Or at least one color for the front faces and another color for the rest of the faces ?


I would appreciate so much if someone could find a solution ! Thanks😊

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Hi Davy and welcome. Please upload scene file. 

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Thanks for your reply !


I am sorry I didn't receive any mail to tell me someone responded so I am a little late !


In the scene I put here the cubes are moving with a particule emitter but it is the same concept. It is a plane with a poly fx and a cloth surface. So I don't know how to get different material id on the cubes


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