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Anthony Cavel

PYTHON_merge all duplicated materials

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Hello everyone

I'm trying to write a script that selects and merges the shaders wich have the same "MATERIAL_COLOR_SHADER"

For the moment I have this, and it allows me to merge only manually selected shaders:


import c4d

def ():
        mats = doc.GetActiveMaterials ()
        list_tags = list ()

        for mat in mats:
            obj_link = mat [c4d.ID_MATERIALASSIGNMENTS]

            for i in xrange (obj_link.GetObjectCount ()):
                list_tags.append (obj_link.ObjectFromIndex (doc, i))

        doc.StartUndo ()
        for tag in list_tags:
            doc.AddUndo (c4d.UNDOTYPE_CHANGE, tag)
            tag [c4d.TEXTURETAG_MATERIAL] = mats [0]

        for mat in mats [1:]:
            doc.AddUndo (c4d.UNDOTYPE_DELETE, matt)
            mat.Remove ()

        doc.EndUndo ()
        c4d.EventAdd ()

if __name __ == '__ main__':
    main ()

Now I have no idea of  what I could write more to find and select the duplicates materials. This scripts would be very useful when I import fbx characters from DAZ. There are always 1000 duplicated shaders to merge, and it takes time. Maybe a script already exists, but I have not found anything yet.


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Which is the part your'e having trouble with?

Just being able to go through all the materials in the document rather than a selection?

mat = doc.GetFirstMaterial()
while (mat != None):
    do something to mat
    mat = mat.GetNext()

Or being able to automatically determine which materials are the same?  In which case you need to determine what you mean by the same, if it's everything i.e. color, settings etc, then you should be able to collect all of them and compare the contents of their BaseContainers.  If it's just something like the name must be the same then you can compare the individual parameters.  In each case push the matches into an array/list then apply the function you've already written to eliminate the duplicates.

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