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GeForce or Quadro GPU for C4D

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Hey all, I'm thinking of moving from Mac to PC for a new C4D and AE build and I'm looking at Nvidia  GPU's ( Obviously not supported under OSX )


So my question is really: would an RTX2080ti be suitable for such a system or do I really need to go pro with a Quadro card. I mean, I could get 2 RTX's for the same money?


I'll be rendering in house. Nothing too exotic, just VJ loops.


Thanks in advance.

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I vaguely remember that you need a Quadro if you want to use a stereoscopic monitor because of some buffer reasons. No idea whether the RTX cards meanwhile support the same.


For standard applications I wouldn't bother with a Quadro. On the other hand, two RTX cards make only sense if you are rendering on the GPU, and not all renderers have specific RTX support yet, so it may be a bit of a future investment.


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For such use in C4D, absolutely no need for Quadro card. Only reason to go with Quadro is if you are rendering very big heavy polycount scenes, and if you are also working in some CAD/CAM software where Quadro cards are faster then regular GTX/RTX.


Cheers, Dane

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The big 3 Cycles, Redshift, and Octane have already shown demos that RTX does make a good difference in rendering speed for their programs.  With Cycles and Octane we are looking at a 2x increase.  With Redshift looking more like a 1.4x increase

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