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Omar Bouras

C4D Attributes UI Frustration

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I migrated to C4D from 3DS Max about a year ago and it's generally been a good move but I have to say my number 1 point of frustration (and honestly it is maddening when it happens 500 times a project...) is that when I have a model selected, and I'm making adjustments to it in the attributes manager, every single time I click on the move/rotate/scale tools the attribute window shifts into displaying the properties of the move/rotate/scale tool....


I have to go back and click off the object and click back on it again every. single. time. 


Is there anything that can stop this from happening? The constant back and forth is so insanely repetitive and frustrating.


please help, hah. 

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Yes, you can go to the attribute manager's 'Mode' menu -> 'Configure Modes' & uncheck 'Tool'. Then you can go to Cinema 4D's main 'Window' menu & choose 'Attribute Manager'.

Drag the 2nd Attribute managers swatch onto the first one to make them tabbed. Configure this 2nd attribute manager's 'mode' & uncheck everything except 'Tool'. Right click the tab of this 2nd attribute manager & choose 'Rename' & call it 'tools' - now you have a seperate tools manager & tool settings won't appear in the main one. Save your layout.


Alternatively, with the object's attributes visible in the attribute manager, click the '+' icon in the manager's top right corner - It will create a 2nd attribute manager locked to the object's attributes, which you can then dock somewhere. This is more of a temporary solution, to keep the attributes handy while you work on something.

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  • Thanks for this! Really what I needed. 


    Alternatively I accidentally discovered just now after doing this that if you double tap E,R, or T it will bring up the attributes menu for them in a separate pop up window, seems like this works for most hot keys as well. 

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    Interesting, I never knew that, I'm going to see if this will fit into my workflow.

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