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Soft Shadow/Spot Light Render Issues

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Hi there,


I'm having this issue with my scene where when I activate shadow maps (soft) on one of my spot lights, it wont render. I can see the light illuminating my object in the viewport and I have copies of the same exact spot light with the same settings in other positions in my scene which render perfectly with shadows (except one, more on that below). It's just this one spot light that wont render if shadows are turned on. If I turn shadows off, it renders. There are no compositing tags on it and I've set my OpenGL setting for maximum lights/shadows. (which I don't think matters right now)


Another weird thing that's happening is one of my spotlights has shadow maps (soft) activated, but it's NOT casting shadows, but still renders fine, without casting shadows, even though they're activated.


I have 3 spot lights in my scene that need to cast shadows, along with 5 more spot lights that do not need to cast shadows. I'm also using some planes with materials with luminance to help brighten the over all scene.


Am I hitting some limits somewhere?


I unfortunately can't post the project or screenshots due to signing an NDA and using unreleased artwork.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance to anyone who can help! 🙂

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Pls copy just the lights and non-NDA elements (ground / BG objects etc)  into a new scene and upload that...



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