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alpha in the scatter node

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I'm trying to use the Scatter node to distribute an image with an alpha channel over the surface of an object.

I can can get cutout shapes that overlap eachother but the transparancy of the image is lost.

I found this in the Help docs:


Here, brightness values or the numeric values 1 or 0 can be used to shape the UV tiles. Imagine this as an alpha mask that affects UV coordinates. Only the white regions will remain visible (1) and the black regions (0) will be cut off in the UV tile. If in-between values or grayscales are input, the values will be either rounded up or down.

Does this mean that it is not possible to have semi transparant pixels when you use the scatter node?


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Yes, there is no gradation atm values will be "floored" or "ceiled"...

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Author of the topic Posted

thx Hrvoje, that's what I thought after checking the sprite node in Redshift which has the same limitation.


And a BIG thank you for your Youtube series about nodes. I checked (some) of them and the technique to feed noises into the bias input of a gradient turned out to be a golden tip.

Noise+gradients are a powerfull combo.



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